NK Cell

The Importance of Immunity
The Importance of Immunity
What is an NK Cell?
What is an NK Cell
What is an immune cell? Cells that have a function of removing bacteria and viruses invaded from external sources as well as malignant cells that are produced inside our body.

NK cells? - Immune cells that recognize and attack the cells that exhibit 'abnormal behavior' like cancer and virus infected cells. 

- T cells act only on specific antigens and exhibit a relatively slow immune response. However, NK cells are capable to induce immediate immune responses to cancer cells that T cells cannot attack.
Why should it be NK Cell?
Why should it be NK Cell
1. NK cells remove cancer cells that occur every day.

Even healthy people without disease grow about 5,000 cancer cells per day.
NK cells are centered to kill these cancer cells, keep people safe from cancers.

Why should it be NK Cell
2. Prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.

NK cells prevent the recurrence and transmission of cancer.
NK cells exist in the blood so they affect throughout the whole body thanks to the blood circulation. They are effective for progressive cancer that has been transferred in several areas and completely destroy unremoved cancer cells to prevent recurrence or metastasis.

Why should it be NK Cell
3. NK cells can attack cancer cells which T cells cannot.

T cells attack cancer cells by recognizing the signals they send. Once attacked by T cells, cancer cells learn not to send signals to avoid their attack and become resistant to T-cells.
However, NK cells can attack without the signal from the cancer cells, effectively eliminating the cancer cells that T cells miss.

Why should it be NK Cell
4. Strengthen immunity against cancer.

NK cells not only kill cancer cells, but they also secrete cytokine, which controls the entire immune system.

Why should it be NK Cell
5. Synergy occurs when combined with conventional chemotherapy.
Why should it be NK Cell
6. Treatment of diseases caused by an imbalance in the immune system.

It reduces cancer, as well as autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions.
It suppresses infections such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. For people with good health, NK cell helps on anti-aging effect.

Manufacturing process of NK cell therapeutic agent
Manufacturing process